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February 2015 Calendar

Szókincsbővítés napról-napra!

Februári naptárunkban, gondolva a Valentin-napra is, a love kifejezéssel kapcsolatos szóösszetételekből válogatunk.

Kattints ide a naptár letöltéséhez, a hónap végén pedig gyere vissza az ismétlő feladatokért is.

Ezen a linken találod meg a kifejezésekhez tartozó online feladatokat, a Flashcards-ra kattintva a kiejtést is meghallgathatod:

Töltsd le az angol kifejezésekhez tartozó szókártyákat itt.

A magyar megfelelőket innen nyomtathatod ki. Ha az angol kártyák hátoldalára nyomtatod őket, tanulókártyákat, ha külön lapra, memóriajátékot készíthetsz.

January 2015 Calendar

Szókincsbővítés napról-napra!

Töltsd le minden hónapban aktuális naptárunkat a hónap témájához kapcsolódó kifejezésekkel (idiómákkal). Így nap mint nap tanulhatsz egy új szókapcsolatot.

A hónap végén pedig gyere vissza, és töltsd le a havi ismétlő feladatsort, hogy lásd, mire is emlékszel.

Januárban a kezdés, elindulás (start, begin) témakört járjuk körül. Kattints ide a januári naptár letöltéséhez.

Ha már úgy érzed, sikerült elsajátítanod a kifejezéseket, ezen a linken hozzájuk tartozó online feladatokat talász, és a Flashcards-ra kattintva a kiejtést is meghallgathatod: Quizlet.com/January2015Calendar

Töltsd le az angol kifejezésekhez tartozó szókártyákat itt.

A magyar megfelelőket innen nyomtathatod ki. Ha az angol kártyák hátoldalára nyomtatod őket, tanulókártyákat, ha külön lapra, memóriajátékot készíthetsz.

Vagy töltsd le innen 13+1-es totónkat, melynek végén a megoldást is megtalálod.

Compact Disco: Sound of Our Heart

Listen to the song and fill in the gaps with one suitable word. Then check the KEY at the end of the exercise. (Recommended from Elementary level.)


The whole big (1) …………… is just one place,
you can say it's all the (2) …………… .
You (3) …………… feel hatred sows,
we can (4) …………… it's no way to go.

This is the sound of our hearts if you (5) …………….
This is a zeal from above and it can say it all
This a (6) …………… they can't take away,
this is the sound of, the sound, the sound of our hearts.
The sound of hearts, the sound of our hearts.

(7) …………… can be achieved,
Just find (8) …………… way to get connected
Differences may not be (9) ……………,
They enrich the things that we know.
Different faiths, different (10) …………….
All we can do is to turn them in key.

This is the sound of our hearts if you ………

1 world     2 same     3 may     4 show     5 listen     6 fever     7 harmony     8 some     9 wrong     10 views

Too Much TV Time

Mai blogunkban a túlzott tévézés hatásairól olvashattok. Középhaladó szinttől ajánljuk. A végén megtalálható a megoldókulcs.

1. Read the text and fill in the gaps with a suitable word. The first letter is given for you.

Too Much TV Time

Sometimes, a stressful (1) d.......... simply calls for a night of indulgent television. Kick back, (2) r.......... and let your mind melt in the sea of reality (3) s........... and hospital dramas. But if this is your routine night (4) a.......... night, it may be wise to abandon the remote controller for a (5) w.......... . According to a 2008 study, excessive boob-tube time is a possible sign of unhappiness.

Since 1972, researchers at the University of Chicago (6) h........... conducted the General Social Survey to evaluate the social climate in the United States. Regardless of education, income, marital status or (7) a..........., happier people surveyed watched about 30 (8) p........... less television each week than unhappier participants. On average, the happier respondents watched 19 hours of television, compared to 25 hours for the unhappy set. Instead (9) o.......... kicking back on the couch, take a cue from the happier lot. Their (10) l........... time involved hanging out with friends, volunteering or participating in organized activities.

For more check out howstuffworks.com.

2. Match the types of TV programmes with their descriptions.


1. the reporting of news or sport
2. a story about a group of characters broadcast every day or several times a week
3. the news of one particular area
4. a comedy series about the same characters in different situations
5. a programme giving facts about something
6. a programme in which people score points by answering questions or doing things
7. a film that is 90 or more minutes long
8. an informal programme in which famous people are asked questions about their lives and work




1.     1DAY     2 RELAX     3 SHOWS     4 AFTER     5 WHILE     6 HAVE     7 AGE     8 PERCENT     9 OF     10 LEISURE

2.     1d     2f     3b     4a     5c     6h     7e     8g

A Letter from Sydney

A Letter from Sydney

Itt a nyár, így mai blogunk az utazással kapcsolatos, egy kis nyelvtannal fűszerezve. Középhaladó szinttől ajánljuk. A végén megoldókulcs található.

Read the following letter written by Frances, a Youth Challenge volunteer in Costa Rica, about her adventures in Sydney. Choose from the possible answers to fill in the gaps.

I've never (1) feel / felt / fell / fallen more like a country girl than when I first (2) stepped / stepping / stopped / stept out of central station into sprawling Sydney.

Overwhelmed and sweating profusely in 36 degree heat and what felt like 100% humidity (3) were / haven't / wasn't / had the best start to my travels.
This place (4) is / is going to / has been / will be huge and constantly (5) is smelling / smells / smelled / smell like a Chinese restaurant, literally, it’s weird.

Met all the other youth challengers participants yesterday and managed (6) get / getting / to get / got one of them to pick me up from the Backpackers which was cool, I (7) am not looking / won't look / wasn't looking / wouldn't look forward to finding my way around Central again (BTW, am staying at Central YHA Backpackers, very big, i.e. 9 storeys very well kept, but not very social.) The other challengers (8) seem / are seeming / were seeming / seems nice, but to be honest I think most of them (9) are / would / are going / will be really shocked by Costa. I think I'll manage okay as it’s a very rural country and I (10) have spent / spent / had spent / am spending a lot of time in remote areas, it's the big cities that scare me (smart (11) amn't / aren't /don't / isn't I, planning to go to LA and New York after project). My backpack is like twice the size of the others as the majority of them (12) is / are / been / were students and thus heading straight back after project. I appear to be the only one doing extensive travels afterwards so have had to pack so much more. My backpack (13) weighs / ways / is weighing/ is waying like 20kg, is so bloody heavy.

Did some of the touristy stuff today as I caught up with a mate that (14) had / has / was / did moved back to NSW after a couple of years in Darwin. So that was really cool, I think I needed that familar face. Went on the monorail which apparently not even the locals go on. And for Sunrise fans I went and saw where that gets filmed every morning. Gotta say I was (15) impressing / impressed / impressive / impression by the Darling Harbour Bridge and all the old buildings in town, especially The Rocks is very cool. Very gothic.

I (16) am planning / am going to plan / will plan / plan to hit Taronga Zoo tomorrow but we'll see how we go as I've got washing to do and I need to repack all my gear for an early start Sunday morning.

BTW, if you ever get to Sydney (17) no / do / not / don't take the airport railway, paid $11 for 3 stops, total ripoff. So am catching the hostel shuttle on Sun.

Better go do some shopping otherwise its 2 minute noodles for dinner as I've eaten out too much as it is and slowly watching the bank balance (18) go / went / to go / gone down. Weird, I'm in Australia, but I (19) have had / am having / have / had Turkish my first night and Indian last night. There (20) are / was / is / were an incredible array of cultures here, but yet they all seem to blend into this eclectic mix of something that I dunno I can't explain it yet.

Take care all


Adapted from traveljournals.net, where you can find more travel stories and pictures.




1. FELT               2. STEPPED                 3. WASN'T           4. IS               5. SMELLS            6. TO GET         7. WASN'T LOOKING          8. SEEM         
9. WILL              10. HAVE SPENT          11. AREN'T          12. ARE          13. WEIGHS          14. HAD            15. IMPRESSED    16. AM PLANNING        
17. DON'T          18. GO                          19. HAD              20. IS

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